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Quanto SaaS Operates Via Cloud Technology

Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirement will be a basic Computer System, Barcode Printer, Scanner, Internet Connection

Quanto SaaS

Quanto SaaS can also be used from our all in one Touch Machine .

Quanto SaaS yet Powerful

The full service we are offering is specifically designed to meet your business needs.

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Zero License Cost
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Advantages of SaaS

The only upfront non-recurring costs are for services involved in implementation, training and data conversion.!

  • No need of huge Upfront Investments.
  • No Server and Networking related issues.
  • No Software License Cost.
  • No data loss due to virus Attack.
  • Automatic data backup.
  • Easy Hardware Upgrade over a period of Time.
  • Can be used for a shorter peried of time.

Features of Quanto SaaS

Right on Target

Has all the dynamic features of powerful Quanto ERP Software

Easy to Access

Easy to access multiple locations under one screen

Direct Access

Direct access to the software via web browsers like Firebox, Chrome etc.

Easy to Sync

Easy to sync with Quanto's Mobile App* to access the data anytime anywhere.

Quanto All in one POS System

  • Touched Enabled Billing
  • Real Time Dashboard Data
  • Multiple Barcode styles and Priting
  • Re-order Level
  • In-Built CRM with Loyalty & Coupens
  • Dynamic Promotion Schemes like 1+1, Combo etc.
  • Purchase Order and Intend
  • Margin Controller
  • Tally Integration
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

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