What We Do?

The full service we are offering is specifically
designed to meet your business needs.

Save Licensing Cost

work on open source, Linux and PostgreSQL Platform

Minimal Hardware Cost.

Capable to work on Cloud Technology(optional)

User Friendly

Unique, easy-to-operate user interface for Data Entry.

Unlimited Users

Allow to create unlimited users with in a location

AnyWhere Any Data

Accessible through mobile and tablets from any locations

In-Built CRM

Has capabilities to capture customer product history as well.

Quanto's Retail ERP Features with Easy Handling.

  • Features: Quanto has a complete Retail ERP software with Warehouse, POS(Sales), CRM, HR, MIS Report Modules.
  • Secuired, fast reporting: Quanto's Dashboard gives performace report of all your branches in one screen.
  • Access our data anywhere: Easy to Sync with Quanto's Mobile App * to access the dataanytime anywhere.
  • Improve Sales: Dynamic Sales Promotion & Loyalty Schemes, effectively implemented on Quanto will improve sales

Quanto is your perfect stock manager

QUANTO provides dynamic & flash dashboards to management regarding various operations like sales, stock, purchases, payroll etc. for making effective & timely decisions!

  • 1

    Stock Management

    Robust stock management system to improve stock rotation & effectively manage the funds

  • 2

    Stock Notification

    Automatically send purchase order via Whatsapp or SMS

  • 3

    Audit Tool

    Smart physical Audit tool to manage your Inventory Better.

  • 4

    Stock Refill

    Set recorder level for products to ensure auto refill stock on timely basis.

  • 5

    Double Approval

    Accurate Product Supplier, Agent database through double approval system.

  • 6

    Centralised Warehouse

    Whrehouse dashboard for tracking status of PO, LR entry, Bundle opening, Bar-Coding etc.

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We are expertise software solutions with core competencies in ERP, CRM, HRMS, Retail POS, and SCM etc.

Ease of Use

We care about keeping your staff productive, so Innervex ERP is designed to be user friendly .


Quanto Retail ERP Software scales to meet your needs as you grow, without sacrificing performance.

Retail Store Focus

we’re continually evolving, we are specialized in delivering niche-focused solutions across enterprises.

Quanto Retail ERP

Quanto has a Complete Retail ERP Softwares with Enriched features for textile management. It's Designed exclusively for Clothing Industry.