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How a POS System Can Drive Your Customer Loyalty Program

05 Aug 2020 By Admin0 Comments

Returning customers form a vast majority of sales for the retail segment. This essentially means that customers who have already visited your store are more likely to come by again than new customers. 

This gives more reason to retailers to offer a satisfying experience to customers whenever they visit the store or buy something online from them. 

This can be done traditionally by giving out coupons, through welcoming behaviour, discounts, etc. However, the new digitally driven world calls for better and smarter channels and tools to enhance customer experience.

A customer loyalty software is the best match for retailers to retain customers and enjoy sustainable customer loyalty.

When we talk about a loyalty program software in the context of the retail industry, we generally refer to a POS software. 

Here is an article that will help you get a clear understanding of customer loyalty programs in retail and how to achieve success via a new-age POS software. 

Let’s get started!

What is Consumer Loyalty?

The objective of a customer is not only to possibly attract new customers, but also retain those who have been separated from their brands for an extended period of time. Read.

There are a plethora of ways to bolster customer loyalty by engaging customers and encouraging repeat business.Here are a few examples:

  • Set up different ways to enhance communication with customers

  • Provide more perks to loyal customers time and again

  • Consider offering different payment methods to customers

  • Provide enhanced CX

  • Notify them about every offer and special discounts

  • Customize discounts and offers for regular customers  

The POS software offered by companies like Ginesys meet business specific needs. It helps retailers to carry out business with ease and meet business goals faster. It helps enhance customer experience and run customer loyalty programs with accurate insights of customer behaviours and trends.

Here are 3 capabilities of a POS System that can help drive customer loyalty programs

‘Needless to say, point of sale is a critical step to any shopping journey, which is why it’s important to give shoppers a great experience.’ Read

The capability of a customer loyalty software to store data helps in establishing stronger relationships


If you need to reach out to your customers and enhance relationships with them, you will need comprehensive data about your customers’ shopping behaviour and surely, their contact details.

A POS software that acts as a customer loyalty management software has the capability to store customer data increases the convenience to reach out to customers

How a POS System Can Drive Your Customer Loyalty Program


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